Memori is a singer, guitarist, songwriter from Milan with a strong Tokyo vibe pulsing through her.

Her lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English and since she can speak both very well (aside from Italian), she’s often asked if she’s half Japanese.

Her music can be defined as Indie Pop right now, even though she used to sing in a metal band.

Her main goal? 

Become a famous artist and create memories with you.

The thing she loves the most is live music and performances, both up and down the stage

The world you’re about to enter is colorful and diverse just like the view seen from the Skytree Tower.

You won’t regret writing the next page of your diary together with Memori.




“Hypnotizing and particular voice” (

“Memori’s vocal delivery introduces an artist with a categorically individual tone and flow.” 

“Originality seems to run wild and free throughout her songs, but not at the cost of effective musicality.” (

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